Tuesday, February 26, 2013

F H Ayres - 52" Special Extra Carved "D" Quality

Geronimo is a beautifully carved, and sought after "D" Quality rocking horse, made by F H Ayres C1925.   Standing at 52" high, with a 30" body he is Size 7 and a very large horse.

These horses are coveted for their high level of carving and attention to detail.  Each example of these horses are slightly different and Geronimo has a very prominently turned head which we have tried to capture in the photos.

Geronimo has his original, heavy design type stand, original brackets and ironwork and replacement aged, tack.  He has had minor cosmetic restoration to his paintwork.

A lovely horse for the collector.    * * *    S O L D  * * *

Friday, August 24, 2012

F H Ayres - C 1890 - 43" - 85% Original Condition

Stunning early F H Ayres, 43" C1890 swing stand in 85% original condition with light cosmetic restoration by David Kiss over original paint - Reserved

F H Ayres C1890 - 39" - Fully Restored

Gorgeous 39" early F H Ayres, C1890, beautifully restored by Jan Rusling, photos courtesy of Jan Rusling -original stand, brackets, irons - Sold

Thursday, February 3, 2011

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for new horses available for sale, more pictures and detailed information on each beautiful horse.  Pictured above;  C1880 extra carved J&G Lines bow, pictured right; C1900-C1912 F H Ayres, plain carved 45" rocking horse in original condition, pictured below; C1880-1890 F H Ayres bow rocker with chairs 52" high x 108" long (massive) in original condition, C1890 F H Ayres special, extra carved 46" rocking horse in original condition.   Very, very special!

More pictures of each horse on our website.  All photos can be enlarged for even better viewing.

Monday, May 24, 2010

For the Serious Collector....

Two magnificent horses for those serious about rocking horses, an exquisitely carved,  1880, 49" J&G Lines extra carved bow rocker (pictured prior to restoration) and an extremely rare, Top of the Range 'D' Quality F H Ayres, 53", (pictured during restoration) as featured in Patricia Mullins book on pages 68/69. Both horses are now restored and have both found new homes. ** RESERVED ** Please email for more photos : mailto:rockinghorse@iinet.net.au

F H Ayres - No 4 - C1900-1912

This lovely little Ayres is in amazing original condition, with replacement mane and tail. He has his original saddle, pommel and rosettes. He is 39/40" tall and has the retailers name stencilled on the stand, Burgis & Colbourne along with it's size No 4. It is extremely hard to find a 100+ year horse in such a wonderful, original condition. A true collector's horse. P.O.A ** SOLD **

Friday, February 12, 2010

G&J Lines Nursery Rocker C1913

G&J Lines Improved Safety Rocker with End Seats - C1913 - Standing at 44" tall, a very special horse. All original stand, brackets and irons with replacement ironwork and replica baskets. Restored in 2009 with new gesso, paint, hair and tack. Nursery Rockers with end seats do not turn up very often and are quite a rare find. A charming and unusual horse for the collector.  * * *  SOLD  * * *