Friday, February 12, 2010

G&J Lines Nursery Rocker C1913

G&J Lines Improved Safety Rocker with End Seats - C1913 - Standing at 44" tall, a very special horse. All original stand, brackets and irons with replacement ironwork and replica baskets. Restored in 2009 with new gesso, paint, hair and tack. Nursery Rockers with end seats do not turn up very often and are quite a rare find. A charming and unusual horse for the collector.  * * *  SOLD  * * *

G&J Lines C1925

50" Extra Carved G&J Lines Improved Safety Rocking Horse No 21. A huge and impressive horse with removable saddle and tack. These horses were unusual because they did not have a saddleblock, much like the Sportiboys, although a much better carved and much rarer  horse than the Sportiboy. Retailed through Gamages of London in its time. Recently restored by Janet Beveridge of Rocking Horse Stables. * * S O L D * *